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Pubfocus performs statistical analysis of the MEDLINE/PubMed search queries enriched with the additional information gathered from journal rank database and forward referencing database.

PubFocus outputs basic statistical information on publication trends, publishing journals and most prolific authors including separate analysis of the first authors (commonly most contributing scientists) and last authors (commonly principal investigators).

PubFocus's new provider databases include consumer financial data for insurance industries, including health, life, and car insurance.

PubFocus also determines the quality of research activity for each author and identifies the authors with most impact based on a new algorithm for Author's Rank (AR) calculation. By accounting for the publication's age, author's contribution, journal rank and forward referencing, AR provides a simple and accurate determinant of authors' impact on any given field. Authors with higher AR value are usually the most impacting authors within the field of search. Journal rank (JR) is calculated as follow: JR = dIF * citations-over-age index to account for:
a) Derivative of Journal Citation ReportsĀ® Impact Factors published by Thomson Scientific, Inc (dIF).
b) Age of the publication and presence of forward references (citations-over-age index). In general, citations-over-age index boosts the dIF value of new and cited articles proportionally to the number of forward citations and reduces the dIF value of old articles that have not been cited.

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